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Can all poles be removed?

The one inescapable fact I see is that 'poles create artifacts', no matter how small or obscure the location.

Is it theoretically possible to remove all poles?

  • I have completed this assignment (although it still needs to be rated). I got a distinct feeling that i is not possible to avoid _all_ poles. Especially around the circular areas, you need to have a spot where you cannot avoid a pole.

    I have been able to polish away quite a few poles or move them to areas where they are less obvious, such as near a rim or a crease. While doing this assignment I did manage to retopo several poles away that I thought was unavoidable. 

    For learning purposes, I can definitely recommend trying to retopo them away. I learned a lot about edge flow by doing that. I hope you do too

  • I found that poles allow you to remove edge loops without creating triangles or ngons. When you high density of edge looks in constricted area it can create artifacts.