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We need your opinion on our wip game trailer


I would like to show you our first game's trailer and ask what do you think about it. It is almost finished but still being polished so any idea can improve it.

I am really looking forward to share this with you guys since I learned a ton lot from you. We use UE4 as game engine but all the assets, models, animations are created in Blender.

But that's enough talk! Here it is:


  • crew

    Think it looks great. Only thing that felt a bit weird is the "if you think it's easy" "it's not". Maybe it was the generic font choice but it didn't quite fit for me. I would remove it and let the trailer do the talking. 

  • Thank you for the feedback! You are not the only one who found that part odd so we changed the font type and text placement. I've updated the video along with some other changes.

  • crew

    This is looking pretty awesome hharicsiko! I'm very keen to see more as you progress through development.

  • Thank you Kent! Your tutorials helped me a lot in this project especially on creating rocks, bird and pretty much anything that requires sculpting. .)

  • This trailer looks great and the art-work and music inside it too Marvin:

    - Who are the [we] you are referring too here?
    - How long have you been working on this project?

    - Brighten up some of the portions of this trailer, (and images on your website) so everyone can see everything in it.
    - Put a link ( ) in the trailer description on Youtube so your viewers customers can find out more about this nice game.

    I'm looking forward to the complete version / next trailer.

  • Thank you Ronald!

    We are a small team of 4 people (2 programmer, 1 2D artist, and me doing 3D stuffs). We started the game as a hobby project next to work. A year ago I started to work full time on it and since this January the others also joined full or nearly full time.

    We plan to release the game next year. Currently we are about to finish the trailer and the website so that we can go public with the project this month. We are also creating our steam page and preparing for the next beta version.

    Witch shots did you find too dark?

    We will put the link in the description when the video and the website will be ready and we go public.

  • Awesome! I love it! Any plan for an android version?

  • Very nice work !
    It is very motivating for those still busy learning the basics :-)

    My two cents : i noticed while writing this message that i forgot the name of the game ! I had to check the video again to see it is "Warrior B".
    Maybe should you write it with another font to make it comes out better ?

    Anyhow ! Great job ! And very nice trailer ! Personally, i liked the "You think it's easy ? It's not !" part ^^

  • Thank you Biman and Asif!

    Right now it's PC (and maybe Linux) only. If the game will profit we will consider to port to PS4 and XBox. Unfortunately we won't be able to create an android version.

    I'm glad if you find it motivating Asif. I started to work on this game with almost zero knowledge two years ago. To be honest most of my assets from the first year are removed or replaced. Basically I'm learning how to create 3D graphics during the process. CG Coockie was perfect for this because from time to time I could take a month for focusing only on learning.

  • Hello Everyone!

    Today we go public with our game.

    You can check the game's website:

    And you can read about the development process here:

  • Amazing trailer. Amazing game... everthing seems to harmonize.

    Only the storytelling at the start has some potential upwards. I don´t know.. some cuts, better framing .. to get the most out of the initial joke.

    And you can tease the audience a bit more with the "difficult part" if you speed up your cutting rythmn a bit.