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Godot 3.0 courses

Ok I wanted to start this thread to ask CG Cookie to start teaching Godot.  3.0 has clearly turned a corner for this software and it is no longer some sort of experimental project.

I sent an email to support and they said if they got enough requests they would start teaching Godot.  So let's see how much interest there is.

Although it isn't as powerful as Unity or Unreal it's obvious to me that it will take off like Blender so let's get ahead of the curve.

  • +1, count me in!

    As a Linux User I'm disappointed with Unity, because the Linux Version is still in Beta after 3 years.

    Godot is currently on first place in my 'GameEngines2learn' list.

  • +1 as well! Godot has grown into a incredible engine, i agree with you, i think that it'll become pretty big, their patreon shows that, It's not as beautiful as unity or unreal but the 3d engine is getting better by every release, and the 2d engine as well.

  • Count me in as well ! Although I didn´t know much about the engine until recently, the little I´ve seen from it looks really promising. As Eduardo said they are constantly getting better with every release, and 3.0 brought a lot of new interesting features. I think it would also be interesting to add Unreal courses in the future, I know there´s a lot of other sites that already feature Unreal courses, but I just love CGCookie and its community :)

  • Unreal 4 tutorials would be pretty awesome, since unreal has adopted a similar aproach to indie developers as unity.