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After the bevel command on the window features, does the upper corner, technically, contain a quad that is no longer square?

is this corner of the house:

... Technically a non-square quad because of the bevel command? similar to what happens here:

I know it doesn't matter in this instance because the quad is perfectly co-planar in the wall its on. But say I were adding another feature that was dependent on the squareness of this quad, I shouldn't rely on it as such?

In the lesson example, the bevel is such a small amount I can't tell if there's some magic there and I'm using bevel wrong, or it's actually out of square and just doesn't matter.

  • crew

    You're right on ssjp , it does become non-square and in this case just doesn't matter. You could snap the other two vertices vertically and horizontally if you'd need it to be square again. If you need it to remain square the whole time, you could try doing an inset instead of a bevel. Hope that clears things up!