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Texturing, Rigging, Animation part to this course?

I second the completion of this course!  (after reading the other comments) Just started the modeling series, really enjoying it thus far (though, I wish it was in 2.8). Would love the texture, rigging, and animation in 2.8 part of the series. Make it happen Kent!

  • crew

    Thanks, Michael I appreciate the vote. I love the character and would enjoy following up with texturing/rigging/animation as originally planned. Unfortunately this course wasn't as popular as I hoped it would be so I had to put my efforts elsewhere. We'll see what happens though. Member requests like yours definitely influence my course decisions :)

    • Thatsfair. Thanks for the reply. I think there would be a lot of value to the members (like myself :D )  of  starting a new character all 2.8, start to finish, modeling (and new 2.8 sculpting), rigging, texturing, animation. I bet that would get a lot of attention. 

    • Agreed. I would love to see how you baked the normal maps and completed the texturing of this robot.

    • crew

      falker nnathang You're really making me want to pick up this character again and make the texturing + shading follow-up course. With 2.80 releasing soon, it would fit perfectly into an Eevee workflow.

    • YES! Please please do Kent.  This was the course that got me signed up for CG cookie lol. I was really hoping for that start to finish complete workflow for this awesome character. Seemed like  a great character to learn a lot of good techniques off of.

    • I actually came in to this course hoping to see it through the texturing phase. I noticed the name of the lesson before this one mention normal maps. I didn't look at the length so I didn't realize it likely didn't cover generation of normal maps. Oh well. Either way, my hope was to see a full workflow for a biped game model. If that ever happens to make it on to the site, I will definitely give it a watch.

    • I would also like to see a continuation of this course. I know there are plenty of resources out there, and could easily pick up in a few other videos. Though I really enjoy the way you concatenate all the different processes, plus your insight really helps with picking up things they may not be easily learned solo or watching other less professional videos.

      Maybe even just a couple of short videos that ran over your preference of bake settings. And how you merged all the objects for animation. My guess as to its robotic is that you simply rotated the objects. But maybe you did skin certain parts, like where the arms meet the rubber surface?

      TBH, I did not model the robot on your course. I just watched it for insight.

    • theluthier , you definitely should finish this course.
      There are so many modeling courses already. This flow would stand out with texturing/rigging/animating parts.

    • crew

      michaelmirn hhtorrisi nnewscratchllc falker Your comments mean a lot to me. I always thought the texturing follow-up would have completed the workflow far better than the modeling could on its own. So I'm definitely keen to do the texturing course as soon as I canI'm in the middle of producing a massive realistic portrait course but after that, this could be the one I do next!

      Again, thanks for the requests. They're a big influence on me.

    • Great course. Looking forward to see the texturing and animation part :)

    • Hi Kent,

      I really enjoy the way you passyour lessons, with all the tips and insights.

      Would really love to finish this work flow all the way through, baking normals, riging, texturing....

      It will be perfect!!

    •  Hello Master Kent Sir,

      I totally agree with everyone in which the subsequent parts of this tutorial like texturing, baking normal maps, rigging and animation would be a real comprehensive course for high quality game asset creation.

      I can imagine it wasn't to popular because the process is not to easy and takes time.... but IMHO this robot character is way to cool to be an unfinished project and collect dust somewhere on a shelf  XD

      I would absolutely love to see this one go the whole 9 yards! ;)


    • crew

      but IMHO this robot character is way to cool to be an unfinished project and collect dust somewhere on a shelf  

      killzone I love to read this! I always thought it was cool too. My hope is swelling to continue this project. Thanks for the encouraging feedback :)

    • You are very welcome Kent (theluthier) ... I am really looking forward to this. It would be a big milestone for 2.9 (or 3.0 for that matter). 

      Cheers. :)