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Before I start the excercise

I just wanna ask how this course can help me as an aspiring 3D character artist for animated films? I've been internally conflicted about starting this course because as the title of the course suggests, this is for creating game assets which isn't what I'm after in the first place.

I've been trying to imagine scenarios when the techniques you presented will ever be useful but I was unable to really to justify whether I needed this course or not in order to help me become a good 3D character artist strictly for films. It just doesn't feel like the knowledge I gained here is clicking into everything else I've learned so far here in CGCookie's modeling learning flow. 

Update: I'm skipping this one, I've spent like a day trying to figure this out and it's not clicking with me yet. If I'll need it I'll come back to it. It's just driving me nuts.