Racso Leon (racsoyorkd)

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I followed the tutorial and probably this because i did something wrong... but what is it. and how do i fix it?

  • I figured it out... i had face normals facing the wrong side... so i had to go to Mesh > Normals > Recalculate Outside¬† (Shift+N)

    • This had me tripped up for a while as well until I noticed I could see through a face that was there. I was going to post about this in case someone else got tripped up because it makes the subsurface ¬†modifier do really weird things and almost makes it look like really hard creases with no height change.

      Do yourself a favor and recalculate normals and don't waste time like I did trying to figure this out. Jonathon talked about it in one of the videos but I thought my modeling skills were better than his (I was wrong LOL)