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How do you pull up the camera perspective?

This is my first time using grease pencil and I can't figure out how to pull the camera perspective up.

  • crew

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'pull up the camera perspective' so let me take the shotgun answer approach.

    In the top right of the viewport you have these widget controls.

    You can toggle between perspective and ortho with the icon that looks like the grid. [Numpad 5]

    The camera button moves the camera location. [select the camera in the viewport and move it around]

    The hand is pan the viewport location [Shift and middle mouse]

    And the Plus button is the zoom. [middle mouse scroll]

    And the X,Y,Z widget  will tumble the view. [middle mouse press]

    To look through the camera viewport press Numpad 0

    To look from the front view press Numpad 1

    But I think you probably are talking about panning the viewport.  

    Hopefully that has answered your question.