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Amplify Shader Editor vs. Shader Forge

I was looking at Amplify Shader Editor and was very impressed with some of the examples shown as well as the documentation on their wiki. It seemed to be a good way to create some of the animated textures that I had been thinking about for a while, and it has apparently won Unity's 2017 best tool award.

That said, it seems to be a different version to the same end as Shader Forge, which I have seen is covered here, though I have yet to really get into those lessons as of yet. 

Is there anyone here who has tried both products, and could explain a little of the pro's and cons of one or the other , or if they are in fact different use scenarios.

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    I have Amplify Shader and I actually had this same question before when I was ready to purchase a shader editor. At the time Shader Forge was nearly double the price and from what I've heard Shader Forge was a bit more complex and didn't have as much support. I reached out to both developers and had great support from both. 

    The Amplify developers seem to have quite a few more assets in the shader field and lately I've seen them being used more in a lot of games so they are my recommendation. I haven't used shader editors much though as I initially tried to use them as learning resources for shader writing. I prefer writing shaders "by hand" for now. 

    Now that being said Unity 2018 is including their own shader editor here: Unity 2018 Beta, so might be worth it to wait it out. I believe it's due to be out of beta sometime around March. 

  • Thanks for the advice, that answers my question.