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Mark Timer Animated Shot

I'm working on a short animated shot inspired by our upcoming idependence day. Here's the blocking pass I've done so far, grateful for any thoughts. Would love to hear from you waylow if you have the time. I'll get back to the lip sync course as soon as I'm finished with this, I promise :)

  • looks good so far...

  • crew

    Nice blocking Kurt.  It is well fleshed out!

    I would try to get his weight more forward because he is leaning back so far.  But that might look weird because of his body.  If it does, then keep it as is.  I like the angle that he is leaning so it is more important to convey the correct feeling rather than the correct physics.  (getting both is a bonus)

    I would watch the side to side motion when he is pointed 3/4 towards the camera.  Because his torso is one lump, you might need to tone down any spacing pops (just in one or two of in place steps, I mean).

    The spinning of the baton is going to be tricky.  So again I say, go for the correct feeling first.  

    You can film some reference for that to figure out what is happening in the mechanics.

    Or just check out Youtube and decide what kind of a twirl it is going to be. (I’ve just looked on Youtube and discovered there is such a things as competitive baton twirling - wow)

    Just as fuel for thought as well, you might find it easier if you parent the hand to the baton, rather than the baton to the hand (try it to see if it if is easier to control)

    But well done so far and keep going.

    • Thanks a ton Wayne! I'll have a go at those suggestions. I was blown away when I first saw videos of competitive baton twirling too! wow indeed. :D