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Where is the "big red button"?

The instructor says here "there is a big red button, and a magical button it is, too." But where is the big red button? In Blender, I can find "Use the scene's active camera and layers in this view" which has a red background because that is the color I chose for selected items of all types. Is that the big red button?

Why is this important beginning video not as good as the other beginner videos? Frustrating. And this instructor has a strange accent and speaks so quickly. He doesn't explain things well enough to find them in Blender. Help, please.


I found it. Like he says, it's on the Timeline, an unlabelled region of Blender. It is "automatic keyframe insertion...", and, strangely, it is normally gray to indicate selected! I changed this to red. Selection should always be red (or some other fixed color). That is a fundamental principle of UI design.