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Network rendering on a hosted VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

Great article and thanks Kent! One question is how about using something like Where they supply the hardware and we pay for the ability to use it? Are there any cost benefits to doing something like this instead of buying the hardware ourselves? I'd be interested to see a follow up to this article covering a VPS render farm.

  • crew
    That would be a very interesting follow-up topic. Reminds me of AWS which I know people have been keen to use for rendering. I've only lighted used AWS to test rendering potential. It's certainly got potential.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and for the suggestion!

  • Thanks for the reply Kent. Great to hear from you again and no problem at all! I spoke to the guys at Linode support and yes a render farm could be done by creating an image of the server to clone across other instances. This would preserve the settings, etc.. Mainly what you end up with is an install script for the render farm and a quick deployment of any given number of machines for a minimal cost as they changed the pricing structure recently on dedicated CPU's for virtual machines. Feel free to touch bases in an IM and we can go over some of the details or in this thread.

    Have a great night!