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I have my models- how do I bring them all into blender?


I am 100% new to animation. I work for a company, and have been asked to try and learn animation for training purposes. All we need is very simple animations. We do have very good looking 3D models of workers, our machines, and possibly the environment they work in as well. I just need to figure out how to pull them all together and start learning the animation part. 

Is there any videos you guys know of that could help me out here? I appreciate it.

***NOTE: I am not interested in learning to make these models at this point. I would love to know how, but I want to try and learn how to animate these models as fast as possible to start pushing out new training material. Maybe one day if I get the time, I will try and learn the modeling side. I am having to work all overtime to learn this part, so right now I do not want to take on more than I have to.