Jason Finney (demonslayer112)

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Is this the start of the course?

I clicked on this course watched the course trailer and then clicked on begin course and it brought me here to chapter 11?

  • crew

    ddemonslayer112 There's not really a "beginning" to this particular course. It's uniquely non-linear compared to others. Rather it's a collection of chapters about various material types - you can choose where to start and bounce around as you wish.

    I've seen this question before which makes me think I should break this course out into individual courses. Would that be less confusing?

    • Not really sure how to answer that but i recommend if theirs a program that can tell when someone clicks on begin course for the first time it could put them at the top of the playlist(maybe on the bodies of water chapter before the 3d printing)

      That way there can always be a start area even if its a collection of chapters.

      Sorry that's the only idea i can come up with.

    • crew

      ddemonslayer112 We actually do have that functionality built into our course system. Meaning if you've never entered a course then you should be taken to lesson #1. And if you watch through lesson 2, then you should be taken to lesson 3 the next time you visit the course.

      The only explanation I can think of for you not starting on the first lesson (assuming it's your first visit) is if you clicked an external link to this specific lesson. Which is what we do for new chapters when posting on facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube.