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Fill color issue

Thanks Wayne for this introduction.

I started to follow it and problems arrived with the fill color. I actually added couple of lines more as I wanted to play with the newly downloaded Beta version. When I tried to fill the color covers the surface in a partial way, only 70%.

Correcting it in the Edit and sculpt mode was took me too much time and more than time, it lacked the logic. Ex: I added age curves below the eye and I could not fill the skin color in between these curves, even if they are open curves.

I repeated the operation several times. I didn't find a lock to access option, I use the Front X-Z, I didn't modify the view to ensure all points are on the same surfaces... I still struggle.

Can you advise what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks for the consideration

  • crew

    Hi DB.

    Yeah the fill tool is a little finicky at the moment.

    They are still working on improving it, but I will have to do a specific video in the future on the ins and outs of how to not fight against it.

    But the first thing to realise is that the leak size is based on screen pixels, so if you zoom in/out it will fill differently, and there also needs to be enough gap for the fill to get into the space you are trying to fill.

    It's hard w/o a video explaining what I mean. But hopefully that helps for now.

  • Thanks Wayne for the quick return. 

    It will be great help to have an introduction to this Blender's 'new 2D software'. In particular as the points do behave differently, but as it so powerful tool, definitely an avenue I'd like to explore and to understand the logic behind.

    In case I can assist in searching, testing, referencing or whatever, I'll be happy to do so.
  • In case, I wasn't the only one with this problem:
    According to Antonio Vazquez, Blender developers, I should use 3px leak size, I used 35. I also uploaded the new version as of yesterday as I had other bugs. It works. I still have the little spaces like in the tutorials, but much better than before.
    Also, the new version regroups the materials, brush, size, texture in a slightly different architecture.

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