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My w key isn't bringing up shorcuts

When I press w to simplify it just seems to cycle through different selection methods (circle, box, lasso) instead of bringing up the specials selection menu. I'm using the latest 2.8 beta and afaik I haven't changed any settings, any suggestions?

Also what's the new deal with the curve tool? I've been playing around with it a little after hearing you mention it in the video.

  • crew

    Hi Colin,

    Blender 2.8 will change the hotkeys depending on your user preferences.  I think I explained the settings I used at the start of the video.  (I'm 99% sure these are the settings I used)

    If you are using Left Click Select, I think the specials menu comes up with the Right mouse Button.

    You can always search for the tool with F3 (which doesn't change) 

    I will have to do a bunch of videos to show all the features and tools, but we need to wait until they stop adding and changing them.  But as soon as they do, I will try my best to explain how EVERYTHING works...gulp.

    • Ah, you did mention that in the video. Thanks Wayne. 

      I'm really enjoying the 2.8 grease pencil animation tutorials, thanks for making them.