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How to make a character move through a scene?


I'm animating a cat at the moment and I'd like it to move through a scene later on. I have 2 questions regarding this.

1.) I guess the correct way to do this would be to add a path and then to make my cat follow it via a path constraint, right?

2.) What approach should I use for the walk cycle? Should I animate the character in place (like the Stomp example) or should I animate the character already translating forward (like the Rivet example).

Thanks for your help.

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  • crew

    Hi Chris.

    You're not going to like this answer but the best way to animate it is to actually animate your character moving through the scene exactly where you need it to go.  ie - without constraints and translating forward.

    Why is that the best?  Because it won't be a cycle, it will be a performance.

    Another way of doing it is to use a cycle (in place) and then constrain the Root control to a path.

    You will get some feet slipping when you turn a corner, and controlling the speed is a pain in the butt, however it is all possible to fix.

    You can also animate the Root control on an in place walk cycle, just like constraining it to a curve.  Except you are keyframing the actual root control. (I hope that makes sense).  You can then copy some of your keys, adjust the timing and distance by hand.

    This is the method I mostly use.

    So it depends on which approach is best for your project.

    If you're making something high quality - choose the first method. (but this is the most work)

    If you're making a personal project to tell a story - constraints are fine.

    If you need something inbetween - use the last method.

    Hope that helps.