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Blender Game Engine 2018

Edit: Im looking at doing a mobile game and a FPS...

Anyone played with BGE recently?  Any experiences with exporting to iOS, Android, Windows .exe & .msi, or even SteamOS... Edit, the mobile game would be a simple turned based RTS_ish.

That said, would i need to learn C, C++ and Python? And what code would iOS and Android games run on, Java? I hate browser and Java based anything, and almost as much as hate of Flash. As far as the mobile end, whats some feedback of Blinder to mobile? And last, using BGE for a strategic with co-op FPS vs a cleaver AI, with highly polished mechanic, being able to program and fine tune game play/control and game physics, and polished AI's.



  • I recommend you using Unity or Unreal engine instead of Blender game engine,It's still in a very early of development progress.

    Let's get to your questions first.

    1.If you want to do a mobile platform,iOS,android,whatever if you are using Unity you just do it as a PC platform,you just need to export or build it at the end as the platform that you want.

    2.If you are using Unity you can have C# or Javascript but currently Unity 2017 removed Javascript but you can still write Javascript as well(If you insist),Unreal engine you need to learn and work with C++.

    I believe Unity also has Python as well but not much reference and it's not primal language,usually we use C# for Unity and C++ for Unreal engine.

    3.If you are using the game engine ,it does not matter what language you are using at the end of the process ,when you build it the game engine would convert those scripts to one formal language,Assembly which can be run on any platforms,depends on your selection at the export's options.

  • Panus summed up everythin well, on unreal engine though you can use unreal engines blueprinting to code what you need, its node based approach, so if writing pure code is hard that might be something to test out. for me atleast blueprinting is easier than typing code.

  • Unless Unity, CryEngine or Unreal come out with a Native Linux Editor, I just might use Unity for my mobile game.

     BGE is intriguing, and I for one Im excited abut BGE being resurrected. Look at what took Blender to become what it is now vs what it was 9 years ago, just needs a big push for BGE and the right people to do it and build it into something amazing. Look at CryEngine,  Unity, Unreal now being royalty based vs that $1M price tag it once was. Tech and the economy has dramatically change in the passed decade, making way for the independent deleloper and artist a strong fighting force vs the large game publishers, its more than just money, its an expression of our selves and I see big things with pushing BGE 2018...

  • crew

    Unity is actually available on Linux, most people just don't know about it since Unity seems to like to hide it. You can find the latest builds for Linux here: Unity Linux . I want to clear up a few confusing points brought up in this thread:

    • Unity supports C#, it used to support Javascript (aka UnityScript) and may still, but for the most part is only C#
    • Unity is royalty free and only requires that if you make $100k or more with your game/app that you purchase the Unity Plus plan or above. If you're making that much, spending $35 a month shouldn't set you back. 
    BGE always felt like it was on the back burner of things to work on for the dev team and I just don't see it really catching up. Even other dedicated open source game engines like Godot have surpassed it and they released in 2014. Unity and Unreal are both free to build games with and if you start making some good money with it, then they expect more from you. 

  • A big thank you Jonathan G. Ill most diff be using this :)

    "Id still like to see a big push for BGE!"

    How does Unity compare to CryEngine2’s game  mechanics , AI and   Physics , can Unity give me AI node based learning?

  • I'm glad you started this thread -- I had heard there was more work going into the Blender Game Engine in the 2.8 line, so was curious if anyone here was genuinely excited about that or not. Sounds like Unity will remain CGCookie's goto. Works for me!
  • crew

    We have no plans to support BGE for training purposes. Personally I don't think they'll make BGE compete against Unity or Unreal and I see nothing on the horizon that says they're interested in really taking the game engine to another level. Unity and Unreal are you best bet for game engines at the moment, possibly Godot.