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Editing the frame rates between 3 different clips?

I changed the frame rate of my first clip to 24fps from 30fps and added a speed control strip and divided 30/40 in the speed factor and this one plays back fine with the audio. How do I fix the fps with the other two clips I added? the audio is shorter than the video and if I try to add another speed control strip it pastes it on top of the other one and I can't move it. How do I get the other two clips to be in sync with the audio?

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    Yeah the VSE is very limited.  For these acting exercises it doesn't really matter what the frame rate is. But I think what you are saying is that you RECORDED them all at different frames rates?  And now you want to change them all to the same frame rate to combine into a single video, is that right?

    But I think you are using the wrong maths there.

    When using the speed control you will want to divide the OLD/NEW.  So if you recorded at 30fps and you want to change it to 24fps.

    Firstly change the render output to 24, then add the speed control strip, check "use as speed" then type in 30/24

    The length of the video clip won't change in the VSE so you will have an overhang (if that makes sense)

    Blender isn't the best software to do this, but I hope that helps you out.