Colin (colinkeller)

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sketchfab not uploading

Hi I sculpted Melvin in Blender 2.8 and I cannot get it to upload to sketchfab no matter how much I decimate it. I contacted sketchfab for help and am waiting for a reply but I thought maybe this was a blender 2.8 issue. Can you upload 2.8 stuff to sketchfab?

I also was unable to open my 2.8 Melvin in 2.79.

  • crew

    I don't think Sketchfab accepts 2.8 .blend files yet. And you can't open those files in 2.79. BUT you can append the model from the 2.8 file into 2.79.

    1. Open 2.79 and go to File > Append
    2. Find your 2.8 .blend file, then the Object folder, and select your Melvin sculpt object(s).
    3. Save that .blend with 2.79 (make sure it's decimated) then upload to sketchfab.