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Is the order of operation crucial for the cube?

I understand how to accomplish each section of the cube but am struggling to find a way to perform the beveled edge if I inset the sides prior. And that goes for the two loops around the cube as well. 

Are order of operations necessary in accomplishing!? 

  • I beleive there is an answer in the questions section below that will really help you with this. It was answered by Jonathon himself. Go check it out, plus there is an awesome gif someone put together to show a quick way to get all of the insets done using mirroring.

    I haven’t done this exercise yet but the amount of bevel may be affected by the order of operations but it should still technically work. I will try it out and let you know.

  • I just did the cube and for me it doesn't seem that the order of operations is super crucial.

    I did get hung up on the corner bevels. Gotta go into vertex select mode and use Ctrl+Shft+B (bevel vertices) and then it was pretty easy. I had to look that one up though. It is one of the bevels. The other bevel style is Ctrl+B (bevel edges)