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Rise and Spline! Animation class on Twitch

Hey animation students!! While you're all taking on the Animation Boot Camp and working your way up to Demystify Lip Sync consider honing those skills even more. I've come across a rare opportunity to learn from David Gibson an animator and game dev for Blizzard. Starting this Saturday at 9:30am PST he will be streaming a 2 hour animation class for 12 weeks called Rise and Spline. You'll be able to follow along as all rigs used will be free rigs that can be found online. He will be using Maya 2016 and you can download a student version here. If you don't want to download Maya, I'm confident the fundamentals taught can be retained and reused in Blender.

Happy animating you guys and keep going at it!!

Find more info on his Twitter:

Catch the Stream here: