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Cutting the corners on the Cube

What would be the best way to go about the corner sections without using a knife tool, by this I don't mean the grooves I mean the actual corner Vertices ?

  • Loop cut + slide to ¬†draw a 2d cube on the corners of the cube. after that bevel that with profile settings as 1.000. last the is to inset that with ctrl.

    the last thing to do is to CTRL + SHIFT + B the corners and your cube is ready. (not including two cuts middle of the cube, but its the same process.)

  • Ok thanks I'll give it a shot.

  • The way I did it was I did loop cut and slide, which as you know once you click, if you right click it automatically goes right in the middle. I did this in both directions, so the corners had mini-cubes. Then I used the knife tool, selecting the bottom corner. I noticed in the text that with the knife tool, if you hold down control when you click, it will snap to the midpoint of the edge. So I clicked the bottom corner vertex, then held down control and clicked the top edge on the right, then top edge on the left, then clicked again on the bottom vertex that I clicked the first time, and hit enter. The result is that you now have a prism, and the edges will already be selected. Then I shift+click the vertex at the corner of the cube, and hit X (for delete) -> collapse faces. Apparently from the other response though you're supposed to use beveling and and insetting so I guess I need to re-watch those parts since I apparently didn't adequately understand how they function. As you can see I probably have a lot more edges/faces than the instructor probably intended and whatnot, but at the time, it was the only way I could figure out to make sure the width and depth of the insets was universal across all the corners. I believe there was a brief talk about collapsing faces, edges, etc. so I thought maybe it would be good to implement it here.