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When should I model by changing the mesh of one object and when should I create another one?

I was thinking about this for some time. When I am modelling, should I try to keep the number of low and make details by changing one object by extruding, insetting etc. or is it ok if I just make some details by making an entirely new object and just snap it on where I need it (if it creates the result I am trying to achieve)? This of course only concers cases where its ok to have sharp edges.

So far I tried to make things by modelling as much details on one continuous mesh and creating new separate meshes only when absolutelly necessary (maybe not exactly necessary, more like when I dont know how I would do it inside a single mesh). So should I continue like this or should I just always pick the way that will achieve the same result in easier way? 

Is it "bad" to create scenes with a larger number of simpler meshes?

Thanks, Tomas

  • crew

    Hey tomasplasil , good question! Really, just pick whatever is the easiest way to achieve the same result. Things may change as you get more advanced and working for specific game engines or animation pipelines, but it's not something I would worry about now. The only "bad" is what's slow to make,  looks worse, or is slow to use :)