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blender 2.8 and clothes

Hi, very cool rig. Thanks for providing it.

Couple of questions:

1. I tried opening in 2.8, there are a few fixes I had to make to the script to get it to work. But one thing I'm stumped with is the materials. It appears that the material colors are flipped somehow. Any ideas how to fix?

2. Making clothes. Is there any tutorials on cgcookie or elsewhere which talks about how to create more clothes for the rig. 


  • ganeshenbabu

    Hi Bro

    Can you please  share the script you fixed for 2.8

  • amirshehata

    Here it is:

    There is an issue with the color that I didn't spend too much time trying to figure out. I think the drivers got messed up once I opened the file in blender. If you figure it out, please share the solution.


  • itsonlykeith


    First, thank you for taking the time to porting the rig to 2.8, appreciate it! :)

    When I link in the rig, the characters skin is blue. Is this what you're getting?

    This only seems to be a problem when you're looking at it in Solid display mode, he seems to look fine in Look Dev mode and even Rendered for both Eevee and Cycles.