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Trouble Sharpening the edges of bitten cookie

The edges of the bitten part of the cookie seem to not be sharp even though i added edge loops in order to sharpen them. I can't seem to figure out why this is the case

Heres my object in edit mode. If you look closely I have the edge loops really close to the bites in order to make it sharp. Any pointers would be great. Thanks!

  • crew

    Hey Nelson, so the edge loops only sharpen in the direction parallel to themselves, which is why the angle between the side of the cookie and the top of the cookie (parallel) will be sharp but the bite marks (perpendicular) will not. Notice how the top, bottom, and second to bottom points of the bite marks are sharp because you have two close loops crossing in those areas. If you then add that to the other points (this is shown in the video if you follow the topology exactly), everything will be nice as crisp. Hope that helps! 

    • Hey Jonathan I think I finally understand. I literally saw this as soon as you posted it, but it took me until now to sort of understand.   So from what i understand only the end of the loop can possibly have a sharp edge? Is that correct? For example in the img below the loop continues all the way from the top to the bottom and only the two ends are sharp. Even if it seems to have a sharp end without subdivisions.

      , however if you end the loop appropriately at each sharp point you will get the sharp edges as seen below. 

      Please correct me if I'm wrong (crosses fingers) ! :)

    • crew

      Exactly, you got it! Nice work :)