shubham tripathi (shubhamaman)

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Blender cycles material are not working in sketchfab

is there any other place to upload blender's cycle model.

  • How are you uploading the materials?  Are you using the plugin, or uploading on the website?  Give us a breakdown of the process to help understand your problem better.

    • I tried both he ways firstly by using the Addon and then directly on the website.

      First Attempt:-

      1.selcted the model in the viewport .

      2.Fill the various fields provied by the File/Io (sketchfab Addon) option likeTitle ,description,tag.

      3.paste the API key, and click on the upload

      4.and all i get is greyed out model in the sketchfab(no material applied that i used in blender's cycle render).

      5.I can even see my materials in sketchfab's 3D setting menu.

      6. I have not used any texture map here...except procedural texture like voronoi and wave.

      7.Link to sketchfab:-

      Second Attempt:-

      1.Exported to Wavefront(.obj) in the viewport.

      2.went to Sketchfab Website and Uploaded the OBJ and MTL file that i generated in step 1.

      3. but again the same result.

      4 Link :-

      I  search for this on internet and people are saying that sketchfab  doesn't support Blende's Cycle material...if it is there any  other option to uplaod the model

    • this is my model's snapshot.