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Everything I'm doing is not even close to yours. Making shaders are so hard!

I don't understand what are we doing so I mostly just copy and paste what I see, and yet, my result are so far from yours. Your shader is so nice and shiny while mine is dull and rough. I did made the fundamentals of shading and I've already felt I'm lost (I mean, it was a nice tutorial to understand that specific example, but I have no idea how should I reproduce the process by myself). I feel like I'm just simply too stupid for shading. I've saw you recommended two other courses in the previous question, I guess that's where I should go next. Very great course, by the way, it's my fault I don't understand it.

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    HI jjevlin - Your frustration is shared by everyone who's ever journeyed into computer graphics. I've been there and still go through it on occasion. CG is very difficult. Period. That's to say, go easy on yourself. This stuff isn't something that can be truly learned over night; not even from one course. I just published an article about 5 lessons that I learned over the course of 10 years.

    With that said.... I don't really see much difference between my shader and yours. Your mailbox is reading like work brass/metal which is the goal. So...can you help me understand what exactly aren't you happy with?