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Going to fast for a new topic.

I think this instructor goes way too fast.  Having a hard time keeping up!

  • crew

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll be re-recording these fundamental courses soon for the Blender 2.8 release.

    That said, have you tried watching the video at half speed? Play speed options are available in the playhead.

  • I know fundamentals of blender fairly well, speed was ok for me. But I have to say course may not be crystal clear for all new starters. It will help you if you learn from different sources at once. 

    It is like how you learn programming: 

    Day 1 you dont understand anything,

     Day 10 you still dont have an idea,

    Day 20 you have an idea of what you are doing,

    Day 100 Oh sh*t! That was what i was struggling with? Where is the more advanced stuff?