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I am curious how I could create modular assets for a cylindrical tower easily. I need something bigger than the corner pieces shown.

  • crew

    I'm imagining a lot of tower variants lol. Can you point me to an image of what kind of tower you mean?

  • This is something I am working on for an online class, and I am struggling to find out where I can create modular pieces as you've shown for the tower in the left upper corner, but also with the mountains if that is even possible.

  • crew

    I can't imagine modular mountains are possible, at least not the way this course teaches. I think you'd have to model a few mountains and duplicate them around to generate the larger mountain range. This course would be very relevant.

    The only modularity to the tower I would consider is to control the height. So imagine you have the base segment with the door (call it piece A) and the top with the chess rook pattern (piece C). Then you could create a middle segment that's tileable (piece B) to control how tall the overall tower is. The options would be like this:

    C          C           C

    B          B           B

    A          B           B

                A           B