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selection to cursor not working

i changed f81 to 0 for world/local and put cursor to selected to the hand on f80 but when i go to f81 and put selection to cursor the hand does not go to the same spot but is a little bit farther away from where it should be

  • crew

    This is an issue with Blender not calculating the visual location properly when you have a "Child of" constraint.

    The way the parent switching happens on the hands is through this method.  So it will occur when it is either in World mode or Local mode (I can't remember which off the top of my head).

    In those situations, I just brute force it to match.  Start with the location matching by eye, and then the rotation matching (which is a little harder)

    But if you're close enough, you won't see it switch.  Hope that helps.

  • I had the same problem,

    And what Wayne said, I just did the same, Start with the location matching by eye, 

    So it is a Software problem as you said?  This means I am not doing anything wrong.

  • crew

    HI aankit8298 

    Yeah, it's the way the software works at the moment.  I will need to bring it up with the devs as there are many other places where the cursor doesn't snap to the visual (world) location where it actually should.