Alexey Korovenkov (alexey88)

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Question about The Cliff Tower.

The Cliff Tower - Blender 3D - Environment full course allows to learn how to do such scenes as from the examples below? Or subscriptions here will be enough to learn how to do this.

I want to say, how long does it take to train skills if you start from zero? If you have as much time as you want, 5 hours a day for example.

How hard it is to do such scenes?

  • crew

    Hey Alexey, if you're starting from zero it could take at least a year or more to learn how to create scenes like that. Perhaps a little less if you have all the time in a day, but realistically it's not going to be a fast process. 

    That said, it's definitely doable if you apply yourself! There are plenty of easier things to make that can keep you excited and encouraged along the way. If you go through our Intro to Blender Learning Flow, you'll get a good idea of what it takes.