tejpal singh (alientro)

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just some help

when I grease cut nothing happens it just cut the model and don't even separate the pieces. then I have to go in edit mode to select the verts and then delete that piece ....  it sometimes cut and sometimes doesn't 

  • crew

    Hi Tejpal - This is unfortunately normal behavior from the addon. It's several years old and hasn't been updated for new versions of Blender. In hindsight, I've learned not to include these kinds of addons in courses as they produce too much confusion.

    That said, I did a live stream about an alternative addon that does the same thing (and more) and is maintained (since it costs $15). Feel free to check that out if you find the Sculpt Tools UI doesn't work well enough for you. There's been many questions on this video about this addon, many helpul tips / solutions, so also check those out as well.