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how you do it man?

This isn't really a question but man i'm genuinely amazed one minute ,i'm like okay so how he gonna do the mouth and boom quad junction and It's like how you saw that and the close to end of the video boom  delete the faces and rip the vertices apart and i'm like bro i would have just left an Ngon. I'm just like what no way its like watching a movie and the hero got his back against the fall and boom he figures out an escape plan and here like...what, how, i mean i understand, but what.

it was intense.

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    Haha that was such an epic description, it made my day😄 

    Some of that on the fly problem solving comes with practice, so the more you model the faster the solutions will present themselves! There's not really any shortcut to that. Also be aware that since I want these tutorials to be accurate and to the point, I made this model about 5 different times before recording - the first few didn't turn out exactly how I wanted. You'll end up learning way faster if you delete your first attempts and start from scratch, because you'll know exactly which pitfalls to try and avoid.  https://cgcookie.com/articles/delete-start