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Texture maps and workflow

What is the general workflow in making texture maps for dirt/grim/scratches for specifically models? 

My plan was to sculpt in scratches and pitting and from that sculpted detail I would have made a normal map and "grime" texture maps. So that's what I did. 

However, no matter what I tried I could not get the results I needed. The details seem to be too subtle to bake a map that clearly outline the details. After a lot of experimenting I gave up.

So I figured I was going about this the wrong way. Perhaps I could unwrap the highpoly then paint the details in black and white, then use that texture as a displacement, and then apply the displacement in order to bake an accurate normal map.

I'm unsure how to go about this, any tips would be appreciated. 

  • Let's say that you did better grab Substance Painter and paint those detail,Sculpting that need normal map should be use for only detail that's really need normal map.

    Let'say that if you want a scratch ,it's not just normal map for baking you also need height map as well,While you can do those progress easily and at the same time in Substance Painter.

    It's a lot easier and almost did not take time at all while you can try sculpting in Blender,you would have end a fine detail of scratch and dire in just a few paints.

    I think this is something familiar with you intention*%3A0

    It's my artwork on steam of a simple barrel made from just a simple one cylinder with no sculpting.

    I think you see the black line that's separate between each wood,I did this by just using Height map painting with black lines,It can say this is the same kind as you scratch.

    Those scratch on the metal as well,it was made by using height map.

    Here is another example of a crate using SP.*%3A0

    Substance Painter is quite cheap enough,if you have any steam ID you can buy it from Software Hub.

    • Not exactly. I need to create texture maps to tell cycles "these bits need to be dielectric, rough, and rust colored. The rest needs to be metallic, smooth, and grey." These maps need to match perfectly with the normal map, height map, ect. I feel like the textures can't be easily derived from the model itself so I need to discover an effective workflow before I go any further.

  • maybe you can try with this.