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Major problem ....

i did everything the same with copying it and instead of the legs being the same swinging back and forth  in the beginning the toes are only moving up and down and the legs are not moving at all. when i was copying the keys from the foot it was like they were already almost the same  have no idea how that could be possible because it was finished like the last video. i saved this as a new file and when i went back to the other file everything was where it is in this video all messed up and what it was before is gone and i didnt save it so idk how  that happened im really stressed now i feel like i have to start all the way over

  • crew

    Take a deep breath ohsnapholly.  Believe it or not, the bigger the mistakes you make, the more you learn.

    This is all part of it.

    Ok, so now you've taken a couple of breaths and you're back to zen, let's see if we can fix your issues.

    Without seeing what you mean, it's hard for me to know exactly what is going on (feel free to post a video or some screen shots).

    But let me hazard a guess.

    Is the original leg still working properly? If so, delete the problematic leg keyframes and try the process again (but go slow)

    If the original leg is now broken - it is most likely that you pasted the keyframes ontop of the same leg, which isn't a problem if you paste it over the same frame (it will stay the same) but if you paste it over a different frame, you will mess up your animation.

    Here are some things to check.  

    -Make sure both legs have keyframes on all the channels you are copy and pasting to (ie - LocRot on both legs so if you are using available it will work properly)

    -make sure both legs are in IK mode - check the slider is at 1.0 on both legs.

    Let me know how you go - but don't worry if you messed up to the point where you need to backtrack and start again.

    You are just learning.  I made heaps of these mistakes early on, and what I'm showing you here is a pro-tip.

    Just take a deep breath, compose yourself and then tackle it again.  You will be faster and better the next time.

    You can do it!

    • thank you. right now i am having an issue where the left leg seems to be shaky and jerky instead of a smooth walk. i checked and i believe i copy and pasted the keyframes right so not sure what the issue is. seems to jerk back and forth instead of smooth transitions in the walk. sorry quality is kind of bad hopefully you can see what i mean

    • crew
      That is very odd, 

      check in the GE and see if the curves look smooth or if they look jagged.

      There is a chance that you have double keyframes because they are pasted on partial frame numbers.

      ie - frame 10.0 and 10.0001 for example.

      If that is the case then turn on snapping to 'nearest frame', but you will have to select the good key frames and then hit g>x>0 enter.  (this will move them along the x axis 0 amount but hopefully paste them over the bad keyframes)