Can't we hide the 3d cursor?

Hey Grant! Can't we hide the 3d cursor (the cross-hair)and whenever we create a new object it comes automatically in the center of the grid?  Because its kinda annoying for me. As I know it is only used to place the new objects in the scene. 

I'm beginner new to blender previous used MAYA. If there are other uses of 3d cursor I would love to know them. 

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    Hey Suresh!

    Unfortunately, there is no way to hide/disable 3D cursor individually, however it does have a few uses other than adding objects to the scene. These include altering an objects origin point, using it as an anchor point for transformations, and using specific geometry generation features in Edit Mode (such as the Spin function). There are lots of uses as well, but it's hard to list all of them in one message. 

  • Actually if you go into the properties panel (N) and go under "Display" There is an unchecked box "Only Render." Checking this box will disable the grid, the 3D cursor, and other non render objects. If you also want to remove the position gizmo, simply click on its icon on the panel above the timeline by default.

  • In 2.8, hiding the 3d cursor is possible by default. Apparently it's considered sufficiently important that it made it into an official Blender update video: The 5 Things You Should Know About Blender 2.8 (link goes straight to the part that mentions it). So not yet, but soon enough!