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How do you get the material textures to show on the linked in objects?

The materials are listed but greyed out. So when viewed in material mode or rendered, the boxes and background show pink. Feeling like I should know this but fiddled for ages, got them as proxies, and clicked icons for 'make local', and also (with boxes and background selected) hit L to Make Local > All, but still no material showing.

  • crew

    A pink texture means Blender can’t find the image that is needed.

    If you are linking it into your animation file - do NOT try to edit any materials or rigs etc inside the ANIM file.  

    You will need to make sure everything is ok with the original file (the one that is linking in)

    So open it up and check that Blender can find where the texture image is.  I can't remember if it is actually stored in that blend file (makes huge files so I don't usually do that) or if it is stored in a folder that inside the same directory ( called "textures")

    If you have moved things around it is easy to forget to bring the texture file. 

    It should be in "cgc-body-mechanics>lib>chars>cgc-box_rig>textures"

  • Doh!! For some reason I thought the images were in the blend file; but yes, that would make the file huge. They're now in a folder called 'textures', next to the blend files, so they can connect. Thanks for the wake-up call!