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The cone and was hard how was it suppose dto be achieved?

  • In my case, select all faces of cone except the bottom face, and inset them to create mid-line of conical surface. 

    and select that mid-line with edge loop select, resize them to match with radius of bottom circle. that's how i made low column part of objective-cone primitive. 

    about to make top column part : i select top vertex of cone and bevel that with vertex-bevel (press V while bevel adjust) and i can make flat face on cone as if i slice top of cone horizontally.

    so i extrude that flat face to make column part of top.

    and as you know, rest part : make crevice form on primitives is just simple if you watch and follow well all of these videos in course.

  • Hope this isn't too late to help.

    Select the base ring of the cone, then extrude.

    Cntl R and create four loop cuts in the extruded cylinder.

    Deselect all, then select the bottom three rings and extend down.  That will make the base of the cone shape.

    For the top of the cone, knife somewhere below the point to create an entire new ring.  Keeping that ring selected, go to vertex select an alt right click to select the tip.

    Then press S, then Z to restrict scale to the Z axis, and press 0 (Zero)  That will flatten your top, and make everything below quads, so you can Cntl R and put rings where ever you want.

    After that,  bevel, instert or extrude however you want.