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I can't move the head and feet properly.

This one is hard to even describe. Basically the space between the head and the feet seems to be off limits. If I grab the head, I can move it up no problem but when I try to move it anywhere between the normal head location and the feet, it starts to glitch and essentially does nothing. But once I move it far enough down, it jumps to there the feet are. The opposite is true of the feet. Here is a video to accurately show what I probably did a poor job of explaining :P Any idea what I am doing wrong?

  • crew

    I have no idea HnT.

    It looks like you are maybe getting a dependency cycle loop, but if you linked everything in the right way, you shouldn't.

    Does it happen when you open the original rig file? Try it to see but obviously don't save any animation in the rig file.

    If it works ok in the original file, then it is something to do with your animation file.

    Try linking it in again to a fresh file (and then appending in any animation that you have already done)

    If it doesn't work in the original file, try downloading the rig file again to see if you have accidentally broken something in there

  • I decided to restart the whole Blender file, re import everything and this seems to have worked! Thanks!

  • crew

    Yeah sometimes that is the only way.

    Well done on fixing it.