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Kitbashing and Asset Libraries

I've seen a lot of kitbashing done with an asset library in Blender; what's the best way to either create or manage an asset library? I have no point of reference on where to start and the main addon I find is $40. The only way I know is either have them available already, or import them every time as objects? When, ideally, having an easy way to pick from tens of different objects neatly organised and just kind of plonk it into the scene would be much nicer.

Though I also need to figure out.. where to start on building my own library of assets in the first place, inspiration for parts, I guess. Help?

  • I am not quite sure what are you talking about but I believe this can help you out.

    You can set up a scene as a startup project,by default it starts with one simple cube but if you linked some assets ex Material,Objects.After that you can save the scene as a default project by overwrite startup project.

    If you open it again those scene would be set as default scene instead of simple cube scene.