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I can not key everything with I key at the first passing pose. It returns an error "Keing set failed to insert any keyframes". How can I solve it? Thanks

  • crew

    You need to set what keyframes you want first before using the 'available' keying set.

    Otherwise, Blender will not know what to actually key.

  • I did set the first keyframes at the beginning but it is not working properly. The contact poses are working fine but when I try to hit I, with the Available keying set on and being at the first passing pose it just doesn't work. 

  • crew

    can you create a video of the problem?

  • Here it is: 

    Thank you so much for helping. 

  • crew

    Ok I can’t see what the issue would be, but I can see that you are animating inside the rig file rather than linking in the character to a fresh file.  This shouldn’t cause any issues but it is better to keep your rig file clean, and work separately.

    That is something I would suggest to try though.  To link in your rig to a fresh file and see if you have the same issue.  (you can also link or append in the animation too).

    Make sure you add a proxy which is shown in the course videos.

    But as for that specific error, if you also open Blender with a terminal you can sometimes get more information.

    If you can find any more information, I would be happy to see what the terminal says.

    The only thing I can think of is that maybe Blender is having troubles with that keying set.  Maybe some channels are locked, or something like that.

    It seems that it works for just the Foot_roll controls, so if you switch the keying set to just "Location" or something, does it work for all controls?

    One other thing to check is to make sure that the bone widgets are not selected along with the actual bones.  I can see that they are highlighted inside the outliner. (maybe if they are selected by accident along with the actual bones it can't set keys because there isn't anything 'available' on those objects)

    That's all I can think of.

  • So I tried everything, even opening up a new file and trying to animate the same action for a simple cube. It doesn't work I guess because of the version of Blender... maybe. I noticed that it does not let me insert a keyframe anywere it is not needed. 

    If I key a cube at frame 1 in location 0, 0, 0 and move it and make another key at frame 10 in location 5, 0, 0 and then I am draging to the frame 5 let's say and simply insert a keyframe without moving anything it does not work. Maybe it is because Blender does not need to see another recursive keyframe there. 

    My question though is why even bother using the "Available" keying set when animating while it is possible to animate the same way without any keying set selected? 

  • crew

    Ah, check these settings.  Make sure they are unchecked.

  • crew

    You can use any keying set you like, but the 'available' will only key the channels YOU want.

    So if you delete a channel, it stays deleted.  If a channel is locked it will not add keys to it.

    It keeps things clean, rather than recording a bunch of animation curves that are redundant.