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So 2017 have passed , Here's how it ends for me

Hi :) , Hope you guys had a wonderful year ..

i started Blender i think at the end of April .. i didnt know exactly what to do lol 

i hated how complex it was the first time and all the modifiers and options there is , i thought i wont learn anything for a long time x) 

but i saw blenderguru said that you dont need to learn everything about blender to make stuff .. if you dont like sculpting you can model and so on

when i start i hated sculpting its hard and i didnt know how to start but after seeing Kent here i liked sculpting a lot .. and now i can feel him when he says that if he can sculpt everything its gonna be more fun

i started simple learning the fundamentals from CGC and blenderguru , till i finished sculpting from CGC and  the dragon knight course 

i was working on a character for the past week i tried my best and putted everything ive learnt in it , tried to do accurate retopology *spoilers* FAILED lol ...

well ill practice a lil more :) 

it needs one more level of subdivision but i didnt because i need to render it a lil faster 

and i didnt know how to do long hair .. i got tired of hair particles its not easy to use ;(

i need a lot of practice sculpting modeling and everything .. but hey its a new year .. 

lets have fun practicing :) .. 

  • Very nice! Much more realistic than I could ever make. Kent is a really good mentor, isn't he! I've been learning a lot in the Piero course, if you want to learn the entire pipeline for animation it's the best.

    It looks good, and not too clunky - so the level of subdivision is ok I think. The only things I noticed were maybe make the skin more "luminous" and alive looking, the eyes more bright and shiny, and the hair also more shiny if you have time. All the other materials just look amazing. Wow, those outfit textures... solid job!

  • So realistic model!

    Just started end of Nov last year. 

    I wish I could have my own portfolio gallery. Maybe couple of months needed.

    I never thought hair dynamic would be hard like you said.