Joseph Stout (jdreams)

2 answers · asked · Lesson: Stomp Walk Cycle - Multi-angle Render · Course: Blender Animation Bootcamp

Everytime I attempt to render my images my pc craches at around frame 10 or 11. I have loads of ram and a good processor. Any suggestions? My video card is a geforce gtx 1070

  • crew

    I don't know much about rendering at all Joseph but have you tried opening blender with terminal window open.

    This could give you some clue as to what might be the issue.

    But I would also double checking the render settings to make sure you're not trying to copy over a file that it is currently using or that all the images actually exist that you are trying to composite with the VSE.

  • It was a memory issue per the terminal; I toned the resolution back to 80% and it appears to be rendering fine now.  I'll have stomp walk cycle turned in hopefully tonight.