Colin (colinkeller)

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Is there a cleaner way to inset these windows?

The split that occurs in the corners after insetting has thrown me off a bit. Is there some way to achieve these insets while avoiding that splitting in the corners?

I'm just having trouble getting things to snap the way I want them to. If I switch to increment snapping, even while holding down shift I'm often unable to get the exact measurements that I want. For example I'll be looking for the windows to be 5 mm from the building and I'll be at 5.02 mm but the next smallest increment I can move to will be 4.97 or something other than 5.00 exactly.

  • crew

    Hey Colin, I'm not sure about a way to avoid the split that would be any faster. What kind of transform are you doing while snapping? Scaling is the least predictable here since it's snapping the percent by which it's scaled instead of the distance from an edge. If 5mm happens to be along the grid, you could try turning on absolute grid alignment and moving those edges into place.