Bijal Dahiwala (bijal1991)

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submitting excercise
Can you help me how can i make this hussy Dog look Good?
i am confuse at this stage. Please Help

  • crew

    Hey Bijal, since this is about the husky exercise I would recommend asking under that particular video next time (it just helps us make sure things get answered correctly)

    Overall it's looking good! A few key areas I think could use improvement are:

    Around the mouth- the loop should go all around the lips instead of curving up towards the nose, and the 6 sided pole in the corner of the mouth will definitely be problematic later on. 

    The shoulders and thighs, these should be defined by edge loops as well, instead of part of the main body. 

    A few other points are also addressed in the exercise notes video on the bottom of the exercise page, so hopefully that clears things up. 

    Keep up the good work!