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Legs are unintentionally spreading

Below is a link to a video so you can see exactly what is going on. Basically the problem is that the legs spread out on the X axis but I am unsure why. Their location on the X axis does not change according to the data in the N menu and I deleted the X axis channels. Any idea what is going wrong here?

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  • That was quite the conundrum :P For other people experiencing this same issue in the future, the way I solved it was by adding a cube to the scene at 0 on the x axis, 1 on the y axis and 1 on the z axis. Then I went to the first frame of the animation and parented the cube to the foot bone. I moved the animation to frame 25 and because the cube is parented to the foot and it's location is thus relative to it, the cube still says that it is at zero on the X axis. To fix this, duplicate the cube, then remove the parent from this duplicated cube and move it to the side a little bit. Select the first cube that still has the parent, press shift + s and choose "cursor to selected". Then select the duplicated cube without the parent, press shift+s and choose "selection to cursor". Now the x axis on the unparented cube will have a new number and it is the distance that the foot has moved on the x axis. Delete the cubes, put a key frame at frame 25 and adjust it to the aforementioned number.