Suchaaver Chahal (minifigmaster125)

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First person weapon course normal map trouble.

I'm having some trouble with some parts of my normal map, and I've got a few questions in general when it comes to this part of the process. 

I think it's a pretty goo map. You can see on the normal map that there are two parts that aren't coming up properly. I'm not sure why they aren't properly baking. Does anybody have any idea why these particular areas have issues? There are other parts that don't have good bakes, but they are on small areas that are quite hard to even see, so I think that's okay.

On a more general note, I could never get a good bake with a manually displaced cage. I always got speckles, the same way the course showed before using the extrusion parameter. I ended up only using the extrusion parameter for everything, which if I understand correctly basically creates a cage for the bake (that can't be edited). I don't like that I wasn't able to use a cage for anything though. Any thoughts? I can attach my blend file too, if anyone wants to take a look.