Eyad Lotfy (yoddathehunter)

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So is that basically how games are rendered?

So when I'm playing any game, what I see on the screen is basically an OpenGL render?
sorry but I really got confused about it. :D

  • crew

    Yes, essentially you are correct. OpenGl is a realtime 3D engine that allows us to visualize Blender's viewport (models, particles, basic color materials, etc). Game engines use the same technology to render game visuals in real time. 

    • Thanks for the respond.
      By visuals in OpenGL are very low quality,take it OpenGL is not commonly used nowadays in gaming industry ?

    • crew

      I don't really understand exactly what OpenGL is. I want to say it's a framework for game engines to interact with graphics cards, but I don't know for sure. It's beyond my understanding how all that works. But AFAIK it's still plenty relevant to the game industry. I assume game engines use OpenGL as a framework too.

      My advice: Time to start googling!