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graphic tablet?

so I was wondering what kind of graphic tablet would you recommend me using for sculpting( blender 3d) 

any good ones under 500$? 

or is it possible to sculpt using a mouse?

  • Any Wacom or Intuos is good enough for sculpting ,I don't recommend using mouse and I think no one would too.

    It's impossible to use mouse because  you can not press left mouse button while dragging it correctly. 

    Beside sometime you need pressure sensitivity for sculpting as well.

  • I'd say it depends just how much sculpting you plan on doing. As this other gentleman said: A tablet makes your sculpting substantially better, but speaking from personal experience, it is not impossible to sculpt with a mouse. So if you're looking to try the ropes in the sculpting field, a mouse will more than suit your needs. 

    I've used a mouse for the majority of my Blender sculpting without much complaint and only recently did I switch to a tablet. It's the Ugee M708. And it feels so much better. You get finer control with the tablet pen, and the pressure sensitivity eliminates having to constantly change the brush strength (which is very simple to do with Blender's shortcuts if using a mouse)

    So if you are going to invest in the sculpting field, then yes, a tablet is definitely recommended in the long run, but if you just want to get familiar, then a mouse is good enough.

  • Any tablet that has pen sensitivity and has a good tracking will work great for you. They are the most important thing to have in a tablet, rest are just marketing strategies. :p

  • Not that I'm that adept at sculpting as of yet, but I'm using a Wacom/Intuis Pen & Touch (small). Paid less than $100 for it. Does all that I need at present. And it is touch sensitive. Found through Amazon.

  • I also suggest getting a 3D mouse. As you are sculpting you can rotate the model and sculpt at the same time. Check out

  • I bought a Monoprice for US$80 on sale a while ago. It took almost a day to find a correct driver and get it set up, but it works well with Blender (pressure sensitive).

  • Huion display tablet from china works well. 

    Main monitor -> blender

    Tablet monitor -> lecture video, texturing, sculpting

    dual display makes you concentrate on learning better.